Actress. writer. sort of funny.

Like if Lake Bell and Gillian Jacobs had a sarcastic baby. Who was also a grown woman. 


Hey. I’m an actress and writer in LA. I like to think I’m a hilarious prodigy who writes fully realized female characters that other people may see as “snarky” or “unlikable” but who I secretly know are vulnerable and lovable. Or, whatever. I may look like the third hottest girl that works in your office but in reality I’m the 10,000th hottest girl living in LA. And I love it.

I just wrapped the pilot episode of my newest digital series Managed. It's about love...and stuff. Click the MANAGED tab for more info and a trailer! 

My web show Two Nobodies in a Car is a fully improvised Seinfeld for Millennials and season 2 is up and running so check it out! or click the TWO NOBODIES tab. 

I just finished up a master class taught by James Franco where six writers (of which I was one) worked with him to create a screenplay and the film was fully financed by Maker's Studios and just wrapped! And, oh yeah, I appear in the film too.

Besides that, I enjoy long walks on the beach, sarcasm, George Harrison, and talking about my dog Rigby.